Sunday, August 23, 2015

Izen ProShaker 2.0 Quick Review

While I was getting ready for a round of Zoya swatching today, I saw my old glitter polishes had sunken quite a bit and thought this would be a great opportunity to show how my Izen Pro Shaker 2.0 works. 

This product cost $99 with free shipping directly from the company. It can't fit all bottle shapes, so keep that in mind when considering it. It fits Zoya perfectly, and that makes up 2/3 of my collection at least. So I knew it would be perfect for me. 

The cycle runs for 1 minute at a time. The before and after here are one cycle. I've had a few polishes that took up to 3 cycles to fully return to their best consistently. But those were very thick flakie and texture polishes. 
If glitter is completely stuck to the sides of he bottle, I've found this machine doesn't really help that. But otherwise does a great job mixing polish and is completely worth the price.



See a video of it in action on my Instagram as well:

Here are some bottles that fit when I tried them. 

Here are some ones that did not fit. 

Caps that are too large, based too small, and caps that are too tall are all reasons a polish might not fit. I've seen some people turn their shaker upside down and unscrew the polish cap to then basically screw the bottle onto the shaker, but I don't recommend that method. 

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