Sunday, August 23, 2015

Short Zoya A Day Hiatus Announcement

Hey Everyone. I'm going to be taking about two weeks off from these Zoya A Day posts. I absolutely hate to do it, but my other commitments are catching up with me between work, my sister coming to visit me in a few days and staying for a week, and trying to get the ball rolling on my gigantic holo topcoat comparison (over 40 polishes to be included).

Hopefully during the hiatus I can get ahead on my swatches again. I was down to painting the swatches and writing up the descriptions each day where I prefer to swatch an entire month at once and then work through the descriptions in batches. I've still got over 200 Zoyas left to feature, so you can be sure I'll be back soon with more! I'm still going to be around the polish groups and Instagram. I just won't be making the Zoya A Day posts until I get caught back up. I can't believe I made it well over 200 days straight with this before missing a day.

Thanks for understanding!


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