Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holo Topcoat Comparison: The Glitters

Hey everyone, I'm temporarily back from hiatus to give you the first of three major holo topcoat comparisons. I appreciate your patience as this has taken me much longer than originally anticipated. It has really become a gigantic undertaking. This post goes over everything glitter, which accounts for 17 polishes. Scattered and linear holo topcoats will be featured in future posts, which will include another 70 or so polishes between them. I've tried to do my best in splitting the polishes up into categories. You may see some polishes appear again in later posts because they just are too close to keep in only one category. 

I've split the glitter comparison into three parts just because it's is extremely picture heavy. In each part you can also jump to a link for a feature on each individual polish which has a bunch more pictures and some macros.

I hope you all enjoy! I can't wait to hear which polishes are your favorites.

Part One - The Flakies
Part Two - The Chunky Glitters
Part Three - The Holo Glitters

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  1. Fantastic post. This turned out to be quite a project, huh. It is very well organized. Thanks!!