Glitter Holo Topcoat Comparison: Part Three - The Holo Glitters

If you haven't already, make sure to take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of this comparison! 

Once again, before I drive into the comparison, a want to note a few things. Many of these polishes have been provided to me for review. I have indicated in each individual polish's post whether they were provided for review or not. You can get to the individual posts by clicking on the polishes' names below. Whether I purchased the polish or was provided it for review, all polishes will be reviewed fairly and all opinions are my own. 

I want to thank all the makers who have provided polishes to be included as well as those who encouraged me to undertake this beast of a comparison. Special thanks to Lauren (@lwarzy) for her help swatching some HTF polishes and her donation of swatch sticks. She actually bought the same exact base colors I was using to be able to send me accurate swatches. 

There are polishes included in this comparison that are no longer for sale directly from the maker. Why did I include these if they're hard to buy you ask? Including hard to find polishes can help determine if hunting down the polish is worth it, or maybe someone already owns one of these and wonders how it stacks up against the competitors. I do hope if you fall in love with one of the discontinued polishes that you're able to hunt one down in a destash. 

I will be breaking the glitter holo topcoat category into three separate posts since it will be extremely picture heavy. There are 17 polishes in this category. I've put them in groups based on how similar they looked. This is group three, which covers true holographic glitters. Part 1 covered the holographic topcoats with flakies. Part 2 covered the chunky glitters.

The order of the polishes stays the same in all pictures below. Click the links for more pictures and information about each polish.

From left to right:

Each stick is a base color with one coat of the holo topcoat followed by one coat of Seche Vite topcoat. 

The polishes used for the base colors are as follows:
Black - Funky Fingers Dark Knight
White - Funky Fingers Gesso
Sea Foam Green - Torrid Mint Nail Polish
Red - Fresh Paint Burning Flame

First here are all the colors together. 

Almost all of these polishes go over all four colors well because they are holo glitter that are either without additional linear/scattered particles or have a very light amount. Keep in mind that a few of these polishes aren't traditional toppers and take a very light hand to apply as such. See each individual polish's post linked above for notes on application. 

These are nearly arranged left to right from most to least coverage. Favorites here are likely going to come down to personal taste. Pretty much all of them look nice over black.

I didn't like #1 or #2 over white, but all of the others did pretty well. I thought the standouts were #3 and #4.

I really liked these over the green, which can be told from the number of pictures I included. The gold really clashed here, but otherwise I liked the whole group. My standouts are #3 and #6. 

Red is a hard color to get to work with a holo topcoat. I actually liked #6 through #9 over the red, which shows that these topcoats are much more multi-function.

One thing to note in this comparison is that several contenders are mainstream polishes, which for some people are more accessible or cheaper options.Surprisingly, the $1.49 (at least on, I forget exactly what I paid at Five Below) Wet & Wild was a good competitor in this group. Sand & Stilettos, another Five Below polish, was a more opaque option that was very comparable to the Turtle Tootsie polish. 

If I had to just pick one of these polishes, I would pick #6 from Turtle Tootsie. It's a purely holo glitter topcoat that isn't going to change the color of the base polish. It is a little easier to work with than Funky Fingers' Sand & Stilettos, which gave it the edge. My runner up is #5 from I.A.M. Custom Colors because it gives the most effects (a little scattered holo, silver flakes, and glitter) and is all-around pretty.

This concludes the glitter holo topcoat comparison. I will be back with the scattered holos and the linear holos in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

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